One thing Rogan and Mick West missed on JRE

The monumental stupidity of the vast majority of people. When Mick was talking about his experiment with the level and clear pen tube, there is a very large number of people who would not know what the hell he was doing and how it made sense. The reason conspiracy theories, like flat earth or 9/11, are so pervasive is because the amount of base knowledge needed to begin to understand certain things about the world. The vast majority of people bumble around the world not thinking about how anything works, they're just happy it does. There's a reason TV shows like The Kardashians and Big Bang Theory are so popular. It's because they appeal to the lowest common denominator and as such are the biggest shows on TV.

For stupid people, it is so much easier to believe in things like Flat Earth or religion or 9/11 truth because it requires no analytical thought. When you do subject it to analytical thought using math, physics, geometry, empirical evidence etc. all of it falls apart. But because those things are hard to grasp for someone who is stupid, they dismiss it. It is so much easier to dismiss something as fake than it is to admit that maybe you're just too stupid to understand it.

Just think of it like this: the average IQ in most developed countries is 100. Now think of the average people you would run into daily and how stupid they are. That's most people. Is it any wonder people believe dumb shit?