one thing that ruins RPGs...

I'm playing Morrowind right now, and I've played most of the Baldur's Gate/Icewind Dale series. But this is pretty much true of all RPGs...the thing that eventually ruins the game for me is the fact that it's so easy to save, have backup saves, and redo anything that doesn't go your way.

Has anyone actually tried to play one of these games through without reloading saves to redo things that didn't go your way, or without dying?

What I'm talking about is you know, you'll try to pickpocket someone and miss, and suddenly you're fighting 5 guards and you're dead. Oh well, just reload the save and try again.

I think it would be interesting to try a character that you DON'T reload a save at all. If you screw up, you screw up. If you get caught stealing, you really do lose all of your stolen goods. If you die, you die. It would make the game much more suspenseful I think, because your actions would matter so much more if you were held accountable for them and couldn't just redo them at the drop of a hat.

Anyway, just a thought. I don't think I'll actually try this, but I wondered if anyone else has.


yeah that would be die and have to start all over....i love quick saves....especially in RPG's....who wants to play for five hours one night then die and have to start all over???

Soooo what would you do if you had to switch the game off?

Todd, obviously you can save when you're done playing and pick up where you left off. I wasn't saying you shouldn't be able to save.

Also, about dying...I'm not necessarily saying that if you die you quit playing, but that you play as if your death is final. I often will be playing, and I'll go ahead and do something knowing that it may kill me (like attack an enemy who I think is too strong for me.) That is what I'm talking about...I'll try stealing something, if I get caught I just reload. It's the fact that by being able to save and reload, it's too easy to just cheat and go back to right before the bad thing happened.

I dunno, I was just curious if anyone plays "cutthroat" style like that. I suppose you could play to the full extreme, where if you die you die and start over a new character. Then if you actually did get very far it would be more of an accomplishment. I mean anyone can beat the game if they can restart whenever they want, right?

But couldn't you do that to any rpg if you were so inclined? I mean the consequences of dying are having to start again, so just don't reload and let the other 99.999% of the gaming population be.

To me, an RPG is like playing through a book. Thats why I like Bioware RPG's, they generally have a great story, and, increasingly, several ways to progress the story. With this outlook, the most ANNOYING THING is getting worked by something or doing something stupid and dying and having to play the last half hour over again cuz I forgot to save. It's like reading the last 10 pages of a book again. Annoying. Pointless.

I like what some of the tactical games on GBA do.
You're allowed to save at any time and shut off the game, but if you're in the middle of a mission, you can only load the game once, then it's erased. You can only restore between missions more than once.
It keeps me from reloading everytime I make a single bad move, but I'm not stuck replaying battles I've already won.

Morrowmind was to klunky to get around...I remember I went to one city and it was so huge and I had no idea where to go so I gave up and never played again.....

can anyone suggest a good RPG that they really liked???

can anyone suggest a good RPG that they really liked???

In the middle of Knights of the Old Republic right now. It's one of the best games I've ever played. Fairly linear though.

i rented that one....very good game...hard to get into rentals though....i should buy it sometime

aint NO WAY i am gonna be happy nor would wnat to start ALL OVA fromthe fREAKING begining of a game just cuz i los t a life tho man . datz why i LOVE the save feature.. can u imagine playing HALO n whip ass to da top then get "bumped" n have to start from the beginginnnggg HHHHEELELLLLL NNNNNNNNOOOOO!

bradu -

i am more willing and lenient to do that if i am at a certain area in the game AT THAT LEVEL to start over is no plm.

lol @ you guys. I was just trying to bring up the point, see if anyone understood where I was coming from. Apparently not. I'm not telling you guys how to play your games or suggesting that they take away the save feature for RPGs, I was just wondering if anyone else had the same feelings that a game gets kinda ruined when it's too easy to redo things if they don't go your way. I have a bad habit of saving EVERY time I'm gonna try something like stealing something, or fighting some dude for the first time or walking into a cavern. And it gets kinda silly. If I get caught stealing, I should fess up and lose the goods I've stolen and have to pay the fine, not just restart and try again until I get it right.

It just seems that if you play a more cutthroat style it would make the game more suspenseful, and it would make it that much more special when you do work your way up to being powerful, or steal or acquire some item that kicks ass.

"That's completely up to you, as it should be. If you think it's cheap, then pay the fine and continue playing."

It's just so hard to do that when you know that there are easy ways around it :)

I used to play IceWind Dale for the PC. One of my characters had boots of speed and was always WAY out in front of the others. I found some program to cheat the game and get any item you want or whatever, and I decided, just to make the game more playable, to give all my characters boots of speed. I even 'traded in' items that were well over the value of boots of speed, just so it seemed fair. But even still, when I kept playing the game it just felt cheatened. Just knowing that I could have anything I wanted in the game without having to earn it made me lose interest in the game.

I get what you're saying BradU.

Like in KOTOR, you could very well save before every conversation and restart if you got dark side points by accident or whatever. I don't do that. That is cheap.

I do save before I open a door tho, cuz I dont wanna die and have to do something over.

Temple of Elemental Evil has an "Ironman" mode which only allows you to save when you quit the game I believe. It's way too nerve wracking to play like this, imho.

Also, the Adonis is 100% correct about Morrowind.

I think you could say quicksaves ruin a lot of games. I don't like it, i'm a big fan of checkpoints or save only areas.

Bradu is incorrect

"can anyone suggest a good RPG that they really liked??? "

sure, morrowind. dont be a fucktard its called explore =)