ONE to hold 16-man OW Muay Thai GP

Will watch.

I don’t like the PFL point system or “regular season” but thank god PFL, Bellator and ONE are bringing fans the tournaments they want to see.


this is going to be awesome.


Ive said it in multiple thread but i look forward to One and somewhat Bellator now more then most of these ufc cards.

I dont think the UFC champions are the best in the world anymore.

Someone like Amasov, Eblen & Anatoly would wrestle fuck the UFC champions.


Sweet, I love tournaments

Chatri was supposed to talk about it last night at the event but it was just super awkward and brought up right after he talked about and had a moment of silence for Victoria Lee.

He just said “I don’t want to talk about this right now.”

It was all so awkward, like have another interview later, not like Sityodtong can’t come back later too.

Anyways, can’t wait. Should be awesome.

ONE is awesome.

Any update on fighters signed to participate?

March is almost here so what is the word on this thing? Is it happening?

In the last One, Chatri mentioned how guys were turning down the offer despite the prize. Imagine Overeem vs anyone less than 200 lbs. Hope this happens though!

This whole thing seems just poorly put together.

You don’t control life but you don’t need to push ahead and announce this thing in the middle of a mourning segment after a tragic death.

And then why announce it at all if you don’t even have people committed yet?

And have they clarified the open weight thing? Is it just fully open?

I have zero desire to watch Overeem against the big Muay Thai stars he has 100lbs on.

No shit people aren’t taking the offers.

“Hey, want to risk life altering injuries fighting a steroid monster that dwarfs you so you can not win the million dollar prize?”

Fuck yes.

Can’t wait

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I want Buakaw vs Overeem

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Date? Details? So many events pass and I miss them because of poor promotion!

So about that big GP in March…

Yeah so ummm no now move on peeps

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