One, two, double leg

When you set up the double leg by doing a "one-two", i.e. jab and then cross, do you switch your lead before changing levels and penetrating?

In other words, if you are jabbing with your left hand, then throwing a cross with your right, would you next bend your knees and do a "rock-over" penetration step over your lead left knee, or would you first take a step forwards with your rear right foot and THEN change levels and penetrate?



I almost always to a leadchanging (rockover?) step before doing a double leg be it after one-two or in pure grappling.

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Ok, maybe my question was confusing. When you do a normal double leg in pure wrestling, without strikes, you lower your level go forwards land on your front knee and then your trail leg steps forwards. So essentially you could say that you are "changing your lead", although I wouldn't call it that.

I'm talking about doing a jab, cross, and then step forwards with your trail leg, and THEN lower your level and shoot. So right after throwing the cross, say with your right hand, you would step forwards with your rear, right leg, bend your knees, drop down onto your right knee and step forwards with your left leg and have your head up against his right hip. But I'm not sure if that's correct, hence my question.

I hope this is more clear.

I fight strong side forward since I come from a JKD background, so I dont have to switch leads at all. Some people step in with their cross and change level and finish the double. I dont think Im coordinated enough to do that.

I think you have to learn to shoot from whatever leg is forward. It is too obvious when you switch leads to shoot, even if you are punching.

Your two best bets would be imo:

a) jab - overhand right - change lead leg and body clinch (you could also shoot a double straight off that)

b) any combination finishing with a lead head hook and shooting the double off that

I agree with what Da Specimen suggested.


After you throw the punches you should just shoot like you would in wrestling(but with your hands up until the last second).

I agree with Da Spec as well, unless you are used to shooting with a different leg foward than you box...

I change levels and shoot immediately after the 1-2 combo. No stepping.

The same thing applies when you shoot a double when your opponent is trying to rush you with a combination. There just isn't time to change leads and risk getting hit or telegraphing.

Seems that you risk being knocked off balance while switching. I think you keep your same lead leg in first Just like in wrestling.


ttt for more opinions.

Rockover is not changing leads, that's right. It's just letting your front knee fall to the mat, really, although usually your trail leg comes forwards after you do that. You "rock over your lead knee".