One Week Left (celiac)

I tested positive for a celiac blood screening and I will be taking an endoscopy to confirm.

Doc wants me eating gluten based foods prior to endoscopy and it may be my last chance to indulge in gluten (wheat, oats, etc) based foods.

I've made a list of foods I'll eat but I need some ideas in case I left anything out.

So far I have:

mexican food (torta, burrito, taco, etc)
pasta fasul
hot dog
corn dog
teriyaki chicken
clam chowder in bread bowl
chicken nuggets
breaded chicken breast

What have I forgotten?

PIZZA? Phone Post

Chicken pot pie Phone Post

MEOWticket - PIZZA? Phone Post
!!!!!!! Phone Post 3.0

of course pizza!
I got boneless wings on there too (apparently only those have gluten)

Sausage and Calimari have gluten? God I better never get that.

That sucks. I know the feeling though, I have IgA Nephropathy and my kidneys have a problem with filtering the crap in my body so protein and salt can be a real problem if I attempt to consume any. I rarely get to enjoy junk food anymore! Whenever I get fast food (McDonalds, KFC etc.) I always have to brush off the excess salt off of every single frie before I eat it and even then it's not good for me. Haven't had a juicy steak in a while either. Maybe I should just pig out until my kidneys fail. Phone Post 3.0


calamari is breaded. Some sausage does. Some bacon even has gluten in it. Fuckin twizzlers have gluten in em.

Once I find out I have celiac I'm just gonna start cooking my own shit and not dining out at all.

Beer is on the list my friend.

What about some exotic shit that I'm forgetting. Certain dishes. Like wonton soup came to mind.

Sperm. Phone Post 3.0

I have gone pretty much gluten free due to health reasons as well. I don't have celiac's disease, but I feel a lot better.

Look to the greek diet (modified of course) for tasty dishes. you can still eat calamari, but you can't bread it of course. you can try gluten free breading, I have some. it's not that great, but it will do.