OneFC vs Bellator vs PFL vs etc?

Do any of these actually generate any profit?

Bellator actually generates profit but not much. PFL is a shit show and One in debt

I think KSW, RIZIN and Combate have and do.

Not sure about ACA…not sure they have to. Same with BRAVE.

PFL is with ESPN,so they are making “some” money.

PFL has been costing ESPN money since the day it began

I thought I read somewhere that they were paying ESPN to be on the channel. Not sure how true that is.

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You might have read it,but if I was a betting man…I would guess that ESPN is paying the PFL for broadcasting rights.

I might have to do some research,but I honestly think that I am right.

How do these promotions continue to operate if they dont make any money?

They have investors that put up money.

Ya but investors want a return on their investment