Ongoing Horror Thread

No looks like Ill be going back to work fighting crime with superpowers. And yes def watch fresh, one of the better most original horrors ive seen recently.

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Don’t be a pussy. Go traveling. Smash sum those big fat Latinas you like. There’s jobs every freaking where… always

I know ur full of shit … but this is next level :smile:

I think Ill take KOPs word on this one

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I wish a n!gg@ would watch it. Tell me this wasn’t just a chick flick. If I’d known I would’ve watched something with Drew Berrymore and Adam Sandler.

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is camy usually correct in his ratings ? im downloading this now

Yes he is:)

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what to watch tonite? horror that is

Perfect that’s all I needed. Don’t tell Cammy I was doubting him :grin:

I’m watching Watcher right now with the chick from It Follows.

The boy

I can give that a try tonite, I love all things Romanian, have a few gypsie frens they are such a good time and always down to drink, smoke shisha and rumble :slight_smile:

MWB doing the lords work over here

Youtube Movie

I remember Grinder post one … once … then stopped :sleepy:

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Thst movie exposes the dangers of what happens when white women are unemployed with too much free time on their hands!

Biggest victim of the film was the husband working hard all day and coming home to her paranoid bullshit

I remember I fucked you once, then stopped.

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In between decent and good

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Also to @rigpig I recommend Fresh. I knew nothing about it going in and thought it was pretty good. Just know that the name is appropriate for the material Lol


Definitely watch Fresh. I personally liked it a lot.


WHere are you watching Fresh?