Ongoing Horror Thread

Also to @rigpig I recommend Fresh. I knew nothing about it going in and thought it was pretty good. Just know that the name is appropriate for the material Lol


Definitely watch Fresh. I personally liked it a lot.


WHere are you watching Fresh?

I dont see it on IPT yet

but … wtf @kingofpancakes 3 MEN and Grinder :smile: recomended it so far

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I do sometimes but then I get tired of seeing mediocre movies, so I stop for a while

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A Dark Song

Full movie on YTube
An Irish Welsh Occult Horror Film.


Awesome movie

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I’m on like episode 3 of Freddy’s Nightmares. The first episode is the only one about him. Nothing spectacular but kinda cool.

Anyone seen Climax before? Its french so theres a great chance its good

The Black Phone


Really fun movie. Ethan Hawke is great as the main antagonist.

It takes place in the 70s so anyone still on that retro kick will enjoy the vibes.


Been looking forward to this. Glad it was good. I hope to check it out this weekend or next week.

Watcher was pretty good, 7 outta 10. Solid acting, did not know how it would end lol glad it was just straightforward.

Finally watched “Open 24 Hours” on Shudder…kind of meh.

Wasn’t horrible, but it was just good enough that I was hoping it would be better, I’d give it a 6 out of 10.


None of us that watched it want to hurt KOP’s feelings lol

If somebody else Rec’d it then we would be giving it at least 1 point less than we did


You guys are cray cray.


The Void was fucking nuts… in a good way.


dont let KOP know tho


I liked her a lot more in It Follows. Watcher was cut and paste, a little dull and a little slow. Idiotic character choices…

Entertaining enough if you have nothing else to watch I guess. 5.5/10

Crimes of the future might just be too weird for my liking.

Gonna stop it after 25 minutes and giv it a serious try another time, it was great to put me to sleep tho gotta give it that :slight_smile:

  • Black Phone

A movie set in the 70s about a magician (Ethan Hawke) who kidnaps kids and then torments them in a mask before killing them. The most recently kidnapped kid can speak to the decreased kids on a disconnected phone in the basement where he’s being kept. More supernatural crime thriller than horror. It’s pretty good, not great, I actually thought the killer was more unintentionally funny than scary. But it does a good job of building tension and there’s a pretty good subplot with the sister.

Overrated given the hype, thought Fresh and X were both better horror films but still worth watching.