Ongoing Horror Thread

The post above mine…Saint Maud,

Oh nice. Yeah I knew it would be good, but not that good.

Creepshow season 2 is so good. started watching it tonight, the first 2 stories (episode 1) easy a 8/10 , onto ep 2 :slight_smile:

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Started watching “Freaky”. A slasher movie with Vince Vaughn as the killer. Sounds ridiculous and it is so far, but once you get the premise, it’s funny. Put it on hold to watch Godzilla vs. Kong, but excited to finish it up. Vince is in some oddball stuff these days. Funny that he was an A-Lister comedy star at one point.

Yeah Freaky was a pretty solid horror comedy. I also dug Godzilla vs Kong.

I’ve been a little out of the loop the past month, I forgot about the new season of Creepshow. I need to get on that.

We saw this a couple of years ago and didn’t know what to expect. The combination of comedy and horror is done really well here. This film is underrated.

I finished watching it. Very cool movie. 7.5/10. Just a fun one, but really entertaining with some great funny scenes and surprisingly good gore. Vince is the man.

The first story was very good, the 2nd and 3rd ones were meh

Body Bags (1993) 5/10

I’m a little over halfway through ‘The Wolf of Snow Hollow’ - this movie is so close to being an instant classic.

The effects are amazing, the direction is solid, and the script has some amazing dialogue.

The execution is just off by one step. The main character is solid but it feels like it just ‘one degree of Bill Murray’ off from nailing it.

Ghostbuster’s Bill Murray would’ve been perfection.

The Blob (remake) is on here right now. One of my favourites, and one of the best remakes in all of moves IMO.

Ahh the 80s, when even kids werent safe from horrible deaths in movies.

Shawnee Smith would still get it.


Kevin Dillons hair is glorious- other than a few ropey projection scenes the effects still look great.

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She’s pretty awesome. Interesting person, led a punk rock band at some point and was also in a country-rock duo with Missi Pyle, lol. Her role in that network sitcom Becker seems pretty dumb, hopefully she still gets paid for that. Could never bring myself to watch it.

Will check it out, thanks!

Don’t get your expectations too high!

Although it’s ‘one step off from being a classic’ that step is enough to make it mediocre for some people.

I finished it and enjoyed it, but understand people’s gripes.

Have not followed this thread in a while. Looking forward to watching The Wolf of Snow Hill tonight. Fear of Rain sounds good too. Kong vs Godzilla looks as bad as Freddie vs Jason but maybe I’m just being a negative fag.

Mark your calenders boys, Halloween Kills is out Oct 15th.

Willy’s Wonderland (2021)

Fun, rainy Saturday afternoon movie.


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It was fun and I can’t believe it got made without the 5 nights at freddy’s guy suing therm

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All the stories were great, did you spot Wes craven in the first story?

Come True 2020

A teenage runaway takes part in a sleep study that becomes a nightmarish descent into the depths of her mind and a frightening examination of the power of dreams.

Almost a great movie. Great atmosphere, music, and cinematography. Ending is a bit of a letdown though.



The ‘Red Letter Media’ guys absolutely trashed it, and they’re generally pretty forgiving for horror films - otherwise I would’ve watched this already.

They said the ‘Banana Splits’ movie is the better alternative for this type of horror film.