Ongoing Horror Thread

I heard this was pretty good but I wonder how much new stuff I will discover…

I learned a few things for sure. It was fun. Made a list of films I havent seen yet. Also lots of titties…

Is it mostly American/UK stuff or they cover Euro trash, Asian and Oz stuff?

of course US/UK… Big focus on Italian stuff too… a few Asian films. I dont remember anything from Oz unless you count Peter Jackson early stuff from NZ :wink:

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The 70s were better for Oz horror but RazorBack and Road Games are 2 of the better 80s ones.
And of course, the cream of the Crop Howling 3.

Turkey Shoot is another favourite of mine, it another version of The Most Dangerous Game… Maybe more Exploitation than Horror.

they did hit on Razorback!


This was $3.49 at Walmart , in the family section. Right between Scooby-Doo and Sonic The Hedgehog :hedgehog:

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Just finished Willy’s Wonderland. Not bad. It’s too dumb to give a high rating too, and didn’t really feel like a horror, but it was entertaining enough.

Watched that Austrian movie “Cold Hell” again, such a great movie. 7.5/10

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Is it new?

Nicolas Cage GIF by Madman Films

Nice, will add this to my list, thanks!

EDIT…just realized I’ve seen it, lol. Too many movies.

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No not new but not old either.

Interesting take on the revenge theme. I liked the way they portrayed the main character as in not likeable at all and they didn’t focus much on the pedophilia aspect, it was just a footnote during the character development. It would have distracted the viewer too much with already heavy racial tones and of course the violence packed agenda of the film.

Yeah fuck your clinch game bitch, kitchen knife trumps knees all day everyday Lolol

Great flick. Watched it twice. The car scene is awesome.

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Finished the Amazon series “Them”. Started out interesting, it’s well-made, acting is decent. It gradually got dumber and dumber until the end though. Was kind of pissed for wasting time watching it.

Tonight I watched “Monsters” (2010): 8/10

some would say nothing really happens in this movie but I love it, the entire movie the scenery (Mexico) is just so creepy nothing really needs to happen to feel on edge the entire freaking time. The stuff on bodies of water is so freaking scary.

***spoilers ****


Holy shit I just realized (on this 2nd watch) that the ending is the beginning of the movie, they get REKTD by the creatures lol that’s insane !!!

Lost Romero film from 1973 on Shudder (haven’t watched yet):