Ongoing Horror Thread

it fun! very weird story but its a good time for sure!

I watched Romero’s “The Amusement Park” on shudder tonight.

That was some sort of nightmare-ish commentary on how society treats the elderly…on acid.

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Watched spiral. I had read that Chris Rock has a real passion for the series and lore but this was a miss.

Found it quite boring.

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I forgot was coming, thanks for the heads up. Cool that they found a lost Romero flick.

The eyes of my mother - 2016
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The less you know about this movie the better. It’s one of those movies though where you feel a lot of tension and a feeling of being extremely uncomfortable throughout. Unnerving to say the last.



I really liked that one…

Someone said that about Hunter Hunter and they couldn’t have been more right.

Nice I’ll check that out.

I needed a shower after watching it that’s how unsettling it was. No cheap jump scares, over the top gore, or derivative storying telling, just real fucked up shit.

Just secured this one. It better be good after that hype, dadgummit.

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This would be a good one to rewatch. I had to have watched it but don’t remember. Katherine Isabelle was in a lot of cool, lesser known horror movies back in the day.

Finally watched yesterday on Shudder. Kind of fun. Was good to have on in the background while I was working, but not sure it would grab me undistracted.


In to remember to look these two up.

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Hunter Hunter is very good.

Just finished a quiet place 2. It was very meh.

It’s fucking great

Both movies are great but the ending to 2 is not good… They ended both movies on cliff hangers and that’s never smart

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Is it streaming yet?

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Just the cam.

Thanks dude

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