Ongoing Horror Thread


Lol man wtf, is all I can say. I didn’t hate it. It was absurd though. Just ridiculous. So much fuggin gore in this one.

I made it through 2 episodes of Hill House. Didn’t care for it at all.

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What was it that you didn’t like.?

Cool video and concept. After watching that video it amazes me all of the money that goes into creating these cool creatures and effects and they just get scrapped. Seems like such a waste and that ending would have made for a much cooler ending.

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I’d recommend watching past two episodes cause it moves slow in the beginning, it’s kind of what the director does

But yeah it’s not for everyone.

Saw hereditary last night. Lol wtf he’s paimon? I wish they would’ve had more witchcraft stuff in it and less “is this an actual horror movie or is the mom just a schizophrenic”

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Yeah Hereditary, although pretty good, gave me a wtf moment with the reveal . It felt like when I go to a fancy restaurant and the portions are good but too small and 2 hours later I gotta stop by McDonalds lol


Halloween Kills comes out tomorrow. You can buy a $5 one month subscription to Peacock and watch it at no additional cost. I’m going that route rather than spending $20 at the theater for me and the woman. So pumped for this as a rabid Halloween fan. It just needs to be as good as Halloween 2018, I’m not expecting miracles. Halloween 2018 was still the 5th best movie of all the Halloween films and that is the only level of quality needed here for it to be fulfilling as a fan. So pumped.

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Halloween kills hit torrents?

And the only shitty part to me in vhs94 was the dooogshit wrap around story… Everything else was great… The last story took a while to get to reveal but it was worth it.

Anything is fucking better than vhs 3

That’s crazy (the not going to the movies the save $15 thing).

Its not just to save $15, that is a bonus. I don’t like the theaters much to be honest. I’m gonna watch it at home on my 60 inch tv and eat Orval Redenbaucher Movie Theater Butter popcorn during the movie (highest rated microwave popcorn and better than theater popcorn) and then after the movie I’m gonna eat an awesome cheat meal and have some drinks. Theater has nothing to offer me.

I have peacock through Comcast but I don’t knownifnita the premium ones but fuck it 5 bucks I’m in.

Is it out at 12am EST tonight?

I have an oil popper… Best money ever spent.

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Halloween kills will hit torrents late tonight…1-2 am it will be on there

I’m hoping it gives me a good dose of Michael Myers … throw in some kills and creepiness and I’ll be satisfied.

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What is an oil popper?

An electric popcorn popper that makes really good popcorn. You just throw in some oil, maybe some seasoning, and the kernels and let it go.

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Yeah that thing must have cost a ton and it looked awesome. I wish they had filmed the original ending and done a director’s cut but unfortunately the tetris shot was the only one with The Pilot.

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Shows you fucking stupid Hollywood is… Cover up amazing old school with shit CGI

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I’m reading that Halloween kills won’t drop till 3am on peacock probably but maybe midnight cause it’s hitting regular theaters tonight at 7

There’s no point in waiting till then when I have peacock