Ongoing Horror Thread

It’s official… Midnight EST and around 9 tonight for the west coast!!!



Good luck guys… hope y’all enjoy

My wife and I are waiting to see it in theaters

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Thanks for the heads up. Never heard of this but it’s horror and Zac Gilford is in it, I’ll check it out. He’s kind of creepy looking. Decent actor.

Where the fuck is it??? It’s 1210???

Got it!!!

The scene in in the alleyway that’s the fucking Halloween 2 scene and a BEAUTIFUL MASK!!!

I found it too. So this is a brand new theatrical release and I can easily just watch if for free at home with a little “resourcefulness”. That’s crazy. I like it though.

I’ll have to get it another go. My wife loved it. She also has terrible taste in about everything. :laughing:

“I Know What You Did Last Summer” series starts on Amazon today. From what I read from the reviews so far, it is woke garbage and the acting sucks. I’ll give it a few episodes, but I thought Id give you all a heads up on it being out.


Do you stream or download? I do both but I prefer to download when possible. If you do the same, could you PM me some sources? The ones I’ve been using for years no longer work.

Lol. Probably because there’s a lot of drama. I mentioned in a post above the series’ success is due to its storytelling and not its supernatural elements or “ghost story”. As I’ve gotten older I have come to enjoy the slow burners.

Bingo Hell: 6/10

Pretty cheesy, low budget but some decent humor, pretty heavy gore in parts, the main bad guy is pretty hard to look at when he’s making his evil faces. Worthy of a one time viewing.

It’s was OK… Gotta watch it sober… It was… Ooooookk…


The Loomis thing pissed me off… That was a really really bad fuck up

And can we stop putting shit in trailers that don’t make it into the the cuts…

I have a cam version of Dawn of the dead remake with shit I’ve never seen anywhere in all my DVDs… Just give out the workprints… It’s a GIANT market for them

Workprints use stock music that is better most the time IMO

Halloween Kills was not good. They upped the gore and that was fine … the writing is painfully bad throughout. This basically felt like a filler movie … I don’t see myself ever watching this again lol

I went in with low expectations and I was like eeewww at times.

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Gotta watch it later sober… That Loomis CGI really pissed me off and… I get a retcon… But that made ZERO sense

Honestly the Loomis cgi didn’t bother me much but the entire 1978 sequences just felt off. One of the actors(Wolf of Snow Hollow) playing one of the cops is a terrible actor and I can’t take him serious in anything he’s in

The last 30 minutes or so I was just tuning out as it was such a mess

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Can you guys keep your spoilers to yourself or PM each other? The movie hasnt even been out for 24hours and you fucktards are giving reveals.


Fair enough . A separate thread should be started

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