Ongoing Horror Thread

Hadn’t watched this one since it first came out, it’s a Sam raimi movie.


Did the smiling dude in the dark corner with his dick out scare the shit out of you? lol. That director has a thing with naked out of shape people. I don’t get why he thinks that adds serious chills.

Thank you - or at least put a huge spoiler warning ahead of your comments.

Fucking inconsiderate dicks.


I’ve got a few movies on my list that I’ve been waiting to check out. Any comments on these?

Bone Tomahawk
The Dark And The Wicked

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Bone Tomahawk has one of the most brutal kills I’ve ever seen.


nah. stuff like that doesnt scare me at all. id break that dude in half after sucking his dick.

being picked up by some weird demon energy and getting my head sawed off would be scary if i believed in demons. (other than nancy pelosi i dont) they better have a second one or they wasted most the movie with stupid low budget shots.


I remember that being a cool, fun movie and that actress having a big run in movies back then. Wonder why she faded away. She was good in Matchstick Men (not horror).

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I usually just download. I should stream because most movies aren’t worth saving, but Kodi got shitty a while ago and it seems like a pain finding a decent stream site. I just use torrents and PB, I thought everyone did that for downloading at this point. Just use a VPN though.


What is PB?

The Dark and the Wicked is awesome.
Insidious is good.
Synchronic is decent.

PB is Pirate Bay

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Im loving the gore but fuck theres a million different mini story lines going on.

Haven’t seen the first 3 but hear great things about them, they are on my list

The Dark and The Wicked had some decent scenes but overall did nothing for me, I think it’s overrated. The story wasn’t cohesive enough for shit to make sense.

I’ve seen Absentia many years ago and I don’t remember much about it but I recall it being very good. The only other thing I can remember is that you don’t know what the fuck is going on and then when you find out what’s happening, it’s not what you expected.

Insidious is a great movie. Probably overrated by the general public but a sufficiently original and well written film. The acting is great, the storyline makes sense, and it goes some unique places. It’s a gem.

Does PB still work for you now? When I use it, and click on a magnet link, I always get a pop up saying to create a VPN account. I already use my own though. However it doesn’t let me past that point, I have to go back one page on my browser. I can’t get around it.

Go to rarbg. I honestly love it more then PB

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Bone Tomahawk is great, Kurt Russell!

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Dude do you have a Real Debrid subscription to go with Kodi? It’s a game changer.

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She married director Mark Neveldine and had several kids (some sources say 3 and some say 6) and just wanted to be a mom. I guess she does online acting classes according to Wiki.
Thank God “Elliot” Page couldn’t star in Drag Me To Hell. TheyThemHeWhatever had a scheduling conflict so Alison got the role. I thought she was great, and cute as a bonus. She’s 42 now.


Thanks for the comments on my movie list!

In this realm of movies the reviews, especially “user reviews” can be so wildly contradictory.

Bone Tomahawk for instance seems to have some people calling it a masterpiece and gripping, and others saying it’s the most boring damned thing to try and get through for any good parts.

Bone Tomahawk was not a masterpiece by any
Means but it was pretty good.

Im noticing the schizo nature of reviews these days. Lots of 10s and 1s out there … they can’t be trusted