Ongoing Horror Thread

I liked her a lot more in It Follows. Watcher was cut and paste, a little dull and a little slow. Idiotic character choices…

Entertaining enough if you have nothing else to watch I guess. 5.5/10

Crimes of the future might just be too weird for my liking.

Gonna stop it after 25 minutes and giv it a serious try another time, it was great to put me to sleep tho gotta give it that :slight_smile:

  • Black Phone

A movie set in the 70s about a magician (Ethan Hawke) who kidnaps kids and then torments them in a mask before killing them. The most recently kidnapped kid can speak to the decreased kids on a disconnected phone in the basement where he’s being kept. More supernatural crime thriller than horror. It’s pretty good, not great, I actually thought the killer was more unintentionally funny than scary. But it does a good job of building tension and there’s a pretty good subplot with the sister.

Overrated given the hype, thought Fresh and X were both better horror films but still worth watching.




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Damn that looks crazy!

Watching The Ledge on Hulu. It’s more of a thriller than horror, takes place entirely in some mountains. Pretty intense so far. The scenery and filming is amazing.

Dude, if you haven’t seen the Void, you should. I just rewatched it like a week ago. I know it’s on Tubi. Probably elsewhere too, not sure.

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Thanks man, I never heard of it before this thread. The artwork on the movie cover looks insane!! Looking forward to watching it!

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The ledge was a great reco :slight_smile:

7.5 outta 10 , that climber chick had a sweet ass


Ok watched this movie tonight with more time and not tired as hell.

It definitely isn’t for everyone, I liked the second half much more than the first half and loved the ending.

overall 6.5 outta 10 for Crimes of the Future.

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You have to be kidding, this is the worst acting and most cringe dialogue and I am only 7 minutes in.

Anybody seen The Stairs? Any good? I know it doesn’t have a great rating but looks kinda interesting.

I had to lay off the weed for a drug screen for my new job. Just picked up some weed and some edibles. Looking to watch something wacky.

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Actually I probably won’t watch The Stairs tonight. It’s on my laptop and I want to watch the bewb tewb.

People under the stairs?

It’s awesome. Me and my buddies used to quote that crazy mother fucker running around with the shotgun all the time.

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No, just The Stairs. People Under the Stairs is good though.

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I havent seen it since it came out :slight_smile:

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I made a thread with pics of stairs ??? dont know if this helps

all time fav version of stairway to heaven (pic)

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Yup, that does help :relaxed:

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Started out strong then faded…5.5/10