Ongoing security incident in Orlando



It was for about 10 seconds.

Man they hit up a queer bar wow Phone Post 3.0

Man wow they hit up a fag bar Phone Post 3.0

Stewart Moore ?@Stewartmoore
#Breaking #Orlando Witness just told me his friend is locked inside a bathroom with a gunshot wound. I'll be live at 5a Phone Post 3.0

im reading report of shooting in the hospital as well?

The Right Scoop ?@TheRightScoop
Crisis negotiation unit arrives at #Pulse shooting scene, suggesting shooter still active Phone Post 3.0

Latest count sounds like 42 shot Phone Post 3.0

pidgey -

im reading report of shooting in the hospital as well?

Don't think so. Hospital went on lock down briefly when it all started Phone Post 3.0

crazy, people reporting on twitter while hiding in bathrooms and such

In for rumblefish report Phone Post 3.0

So what is this? 

A religous fanatic?

A jilted ex gay lover who is no longer getting the cock from a patron?

Both of these things at the same time?

Cnn just reported that an explosion was just heard from the club. Phone Post 3.0

Cnn now says it was a controlled explosion by law enforcement. Phone Post 3.0

Controlled explosion by Orlando PD Phone Post 3.0

More shots fired Phone Post 3.0

Police taking cover Phone Post 3.0

Officer down Phone Post 3.0

The Power Double - Officer down Phone Post 3.0
Shit is getting deep!!! Phone Post 3.0

Looks like only fire scanners are available for the area. I'm assuming that all of the PDs are encrypted.