Online Ammo sites

Have any of ya ordered Ammo from online sites like or

if so how was the service, how did the ammo come?

I know ordering fireworks in the mail is illegal but i guess live rounds in the mail is legal?? =) is great. Shipped and arrived within the week.

I've ordered from both. They're both pretty good. Ammoman is faster though. I haven't ordered from ammoman lately buth the last time I ordered it was pretty discrete. In that there was nothing on the box to indicate it was ammunition.
I've ordered from other places that use the actual ammunition case as the shipping box! It can be kind of awkward having the UPS guy hand you a box that says 1000 ROUNDS OF 5.56mm. or even if they use a discrete box they but stickers all over it saying AMMUNITION.

Another good ammo site is

The thing about ammoman though is he seems to get alot of real military surplus ammo. He also carrys some police only ammo for sale to the public like Federal's 9BPLE and P9HS3G.

wow..good call White!! thanks

7.62x54R which i was lookin for:

Ammoman-- 500 rounds-130$

Sportsmans---1200 rounds-130$

The Sportsmans is Yugo Surplus 150 grain compaired to Wolf 200grain....but its still a bargin!

dont forget to compare the shipping prices before you order

i know Ammoman is free shipping on selected items and mone was one.. but yea im sure a case of ammo will pull a good S&H fee