Online betting from Canada?

Are there any sites with MMA getting that accept bets from canada? I joined but I don't see any MMA, and and don't take canadian. i just want to put a lil' money on st-pierre to make it exciting!

The greek has had odds up since yesterday (think it's under boxing).

Couldn't bet though, as they don't take AMEX adn my Dominican Republic based credit card for some reason wouldn't work with them.

apparently i'm fucking blind. thanks a lot dude.

pinncale sportsbook


There will be a new MMA betting site soon that Canadians can use. Not this UFC, but all the following ones and PRIDE too. Announcement coming shortly

Eskimo - why not "the greek"? also what's pinnacle's site? are the odds different?


greeek steals liens from pinnacle and does not support the sport

interesting -- and what's the site for pinnacle? i might finally put my money where my mouth is! :)

I used MVP before, got the payout NP. I however stopped tho since I'm gonna be working in law enforcement and didn't want any suspicious transactions and what not on my credit. BS that it's illegal while I can go drive to a bunch of casino's in the same damn province.

Antico, any information on this site? Is it based in Canada, can they do that now? What seperates it from the other sites?

Pinnacle Odds
Tito Ortiz -439
20 Patrick Cote +399
Fri 10/22 Travis Lutter vs Marvin Eastman

05:00 PM 21 Travis Lutter +208
22 Marvin Eastman -228
Ultimate Fighting Championship 50 (UFC 50): Middleweights
Fri 10/22 Rich Franklin vs Jorge Rivera

07:00 PM 11 Rich Franklin -319
12 Jorge Rivera +299
Fri 10/22 Tony Fryklund vs Ivan Salaverry

06:00 PM 17 Tony Fryklund +129
18 Ivan Salaverry -139
Ultimate Fighting Championship 50 (UFC 50): Welterweight Championship
Fri 10/22 Matt Hughes vs Georges St. Pierre

08:00 PM 7 Matt Hughes -262
8 Georges St. Pierre +242
Ultimate Fighting Championship 50 (UFC 50): Welterweights
Fri 10/22 Evan Tanner vs Robbie Lawler

08:00 PM 3 Evan Tanner -157
4 Robbie Lawler +147
Fri 10/22 Renato Verissimo vs Frank Trigg

08:00 PM 5 Renato Verissimo -144
6 Frank Trigg