Online blackjack ?

Is there anywhere good online to play ?

Here you go: Casino Whores

Caino On Net, Planet Luck & Starluck look like the best places with good bonuses.

i hope that shiet aint rigged..

I don't think it's rigged, but it's boring as fuck playing Black Jack for hours and hours just to clear a bonus. I did Planet Luck, after 45 minutes I was losing and so fucking bored that I started increasing my bets and busted out after a few minutes. My first and last Casino Whoring.

Now Poker Bonus Whoring is great at the Party Skins (Party, Empire, Poker NOW, etc). Go to for more info.

Anyone count cards .. im trying to learn.. should be even easier online..

I assume you are joking and I don't get the sarcasm without tone and pitch.

But just incase I'll bite anyway-

The inifite deck is 'shuffled' every card in much the same vein as the Random Number Generator on slots.

But its a good place to practice. It took me about 6 months to get good at the 4 deck it, but the money side of it is overrated. 2% sucks and I didn't have the roll to make massive stake bets.

IMO fish in the salty seas of internet poker. Making money there is light years easier than card counting and much more profitable.

no im not joking, im a blackjack newbie.

are you saying they shuffle every hand ? b/c the site says they shuffle after 10% of the deck is dealed.

they don't tell me when they shuffle so i estimate

so far im up about 70% after a few hours, excluding the bonus

Where are you playing, how much did you buy in for and what is the bonus and requirments?

im at planet luck as you suggested jman

im triple on my buyin of $50 (im a smalltimer okay?)

less fun than poker of course


I bought in for $100 and lost it in 45 minutes. Don't fall into the trap like I did and lose your money quickly. If you get bored or hit a bad streak, quit and come back later.

Good luck, keep me posted.