Online Degree Programs - Accredited & Affordable

Just thought I'd let everyone know that I'm an enrollment advisor at a great online school that is rapidly growing right now.

We're regionally accredited just like all the major universities, much more affordable than the other major online universities, have really flexible schedules for busy working adults, we have a traditional base campus so your degree does not appear as though it's an "online" degree, and we're also running some great promotions right now. 

We also have the typical Title IV financial aid funding just like any other major university.

If you're looking to get and/or finish your degree, shoot me a quick pm and I'll fill you in on the details...I think you'll be impressed. 


 Here are the programs we offer w/ brief descriptions:

Associate of Arts in Business

Further your education with an Associate's degree that will give you the foundation to succeed in the business world. 

Bachelor of Arts in Accounting

Build a solid foundation of accounting concepts, skills and practical applications to prepare yourself for a wide array of opportunities in the field of accounting.

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

Increase your project management, critical thinking and leadership skills while you master the relationships between marketing, quantitative theory, accounting, economic principles, and financial, human, and organizational management. 

Bachelor of Arts in Health Care Administration

Build a solid foundation for career mobility among health care professionals when you pursue your BA in Health Care Administration.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Understand how human behavior impacts the dynamics of an organization and give yourself the foundation necessary to continue your education at the graduate level. 

Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and Marketing

Inquire into the many ways public relations and marketing influence virtually every aspect of your life. Your studies will cover such topics as communication, consumer behavior, advertising and promotion, research, and strategy.

Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management

Focus on the dynamics of today's organizations as you pursue the BA in Organizational Management. Build the foundation you'll need to advance in today's workplace. 

Bachelor of Arts in Social and Criminal Justice

Understand the legal and social forces that shape American culture and pursue a degree that offers opportunities in a wide range of professions.

Bachelor of Arts in Social Science

Gain a broad perspective in the social sciences when you study areas of history, culture, psychology and sociology. Develop a sound understanding of the society we live in from various perspectives. 

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

Delve into the scientific study of society and its social rules and processes, including social relationship patterns, social interaction and culture. Focus on how and why people are organized in society, separately as individuals as well as together as members of professional organizations, groups or voluntary associations. 

Bachelor of Arts in Sports and Recreation Management

Apply your love of sports and fitness to the world of business while expanding your knowledge and experience with your Bachelor of Arts degree in Sports and Recreation Management. 

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Improve your professional confidence, project management, critical thinking and leadership abilities. Choose the standard MBA or add a concentration for more specialization. 

Master of Arts in Organizational Management

Expand your professional competence in a world of rapid and global change. You will develop advanced skills in dealing with the complex problems organizations and individuals face in today's marketplace. 

Master of Arts In Teaching and Learning with Technology

Gain confidence and skills to apply technology tools in your individual classrooms or training rooms and serve as a resource for other teachers and employees. 

 Quick heads-up...if anyone has taken a look and may be interested, I have a stack of $100 book vouchers, so you could get started right now with ZERO money out of pocket...assuming you're using financial aid.

It's only for students getting started before the end of August though (either Tuesday, August 19th or a very likely overflow start date the Tuesday after, August 26th) so if you're interested, let me know asap.


 Athabasca University

If you're interested, just let me know directly though...if you request info on the website you'll get stuck with another advisor, may have to pay an application fee, etc, etc.  

 just in case anyone was interested, they announced today that the book voucher will continue through the end of September now, so that's still available.

KOartist, shoot me an email I would like info about your graduate classes.

 My bad...haven't checked here for a've got mail.

The $100 book vouchers are back for anyone that gets started in January, just a heads up

Your MBA program is not AACSB accredited. It doesn't mean much without that.


Is your school accredited by AACSB? I am interested in taking online classes.

Is there a Masters program in Criminal Justice or Public Administration?


Can you tell your marketing department not to send flyers for a Master's Degree to someone with a Doctorate.

Don't know which one is yours, but seeing that I get them from every online school I know