Online MMA store in Canada/Ontario??

 can someone help me out? not crazy about shipping charges from the states. anyone know a good site u could recommend?


 ttt used to always have an online shop but it seems to be under construction. Check out

i like

I've ordered from a few times. Great prices and I believe anything over $100 is free on shipping. Phone Post

McCorkleRuinedMySN, our online store is being redone and almost ready for launch. Email me what you are interested in and we can try to help you out.

nice s/n has some descent gear shipping is $9.95 and free after $150 is a great store despite the fact that they fire me pretty much weekly.

Ordered from before and had no issues. The'yre now apparently.

My favourite online store is they have all the sickest gear and dirt cheap shipping prices!!