Online Schools?

Are any of them legit?

For subjects such as

civil engineering
criminal justice (csi)


I've taken a few online classes that my college has offered and I've liked them. (Wisconsin, yeah our football sucks)

I really like the online format, too.

It eliminates the thing I dislike to do (going to class) and leaves the thing I do like (learning).

I'm thinking online schooling will become more and more accepted (and the view of it being a shady way to con your way to a degree will decrease) as the prevalence of internet-based communication in our society has time to settle.

I'd thought about starting to work and trying to get a degree in accounting online during my off-time (my current major is economics), but I decided to go a different route.

look into your schools distance ed/technology. I know the school I'm getting ready to transfer to has it set up that you can get a masters with only stepping foot on campus for admissions, financial aid/advisor meetings, and a few classes like speech and some lab classes. the lab classes can also be done such that you only have to show up for 4 to 6 labs with the rest of the class work online.

I've actually found 6 schools that I was interested in that are set up like this, none carry the stigma of University of Pheonix online. in the past I'd taken classes at a community college and did them all online. I had classes that also had some Purdue and Rose Hulman students.

I've taken some econ classes online with profs that have been at big campus state schools and decided that they wanted to have closer contact with students because they liked seeing how the transfer students from CCs. one of the profs also is a part time prof at an IU off campus school. I've had a business law class that was taught by a Notre Dame grad that was winding down his career and had decided to teach for a few years. he had taught a few classes at Notre Dame, was teaching an online class that I took. that class was rough as far as workload and expectations.

Girljock -  My brother and sis in law got their MBA from Uni of Pheonix.  ..said it's some of the most intense coursework she has ever done.

Interesting. I've considered getting my MBA from them.

sepe- I've actually found 6 schools that I was interested in that are set up like this, none carry the stigma of University of Pheonix online.

U of P has a stigma? What other online schools have a stigma? I've looked at Western Governor's University. They're less expensive, yet heavy into certification, like the CMBA.

U of P has a huge stigma. For now if you are going to focus on an online degree, you are much safer with online programs offered through established universities.

U of P may pull their shit together in the long run from being an early adopter but it's not worth the risk right now, regardless of how lucky girljock's family has been.