Online Surveys?

Are all the online survey sites, for example,, all scams. Or do they just provide contacts for surveys that you could find on your own and get paid to fill out without the middle man. Just looking for a quick easy way to add some additional income. Thanks.

Anyone ever tried them?


I had an employee who was from Canada. She was here legally and could work, her husband was here legally but could not work. He did online surveys and she said he was able to bring in a few hundred each week. She did say that he busted his but to get $100 - $200 each week. A lot of time for not much return but he did not have many other options.

I hope this helps.

Bobby "D"

Thanks for the reply BobbyD. That's kinda what I am afraid of, anybody else have any knowledge/experience with online survey sites. I already have a job and I am currently in school, just trying to find an easy way to add some income.