Online Tough Guys With Fragile Egos

I dont think waifu get preggers

Thread could be changed to “dumb people” lol

Ha, I had this kind of internet tough guy when I met my current Mrs. One of her friends had a crush on her. He threatened online in a v similar way to a post above. She told me where he lived, tHe rest is history

Machine May Jr?

Lol when a dude blows his top like that and threatens a guy she’s pursuing… it’s usually a huge turn off for the girl and they are now further away from “getting her” which makes them even more upset.

It’s a vicious (hilarious) cycle.

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Is that nightcrawler on the right? Pretty sure he has or had those pants.

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Beware of socially awkward dudes that can’t get laid so try too hard put on the tough guy act to make up for their insecurity. These are your future psycho mass-shooters to watch out for.

In other words… WHITE DUDES


lol Awesome replies in the blue text bubbles.

lol What an asshole! Funny though.

I love guys like this, very entertaining. Thanks op.

I love this thread so much.


A goldmine!

Overall Reddit is about the gayest thing since Fauci “studied” AIDS in gay bathhouses… but they do have some decent porn and every one in a while they have a funny subreddit.


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What in the actual fuck??


Altofsky didn’t give me a free knife (that took hours of his time and years of honing a skill) I hate him and hope he dies! Next time gib me dat!

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We could do a whole clown thread on Hard Rock Nick

This just means he picks emotionally unstable women who hate themselves.


Dummy then had to pay for a replacement

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