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I filled out a request for more info from the University of Pheonix online earlier. Are these online degrees recognized in the business world and is one online university rated better than another. I have recently developed an interest in the business world but dont know much about it, I am a NYC construction worker and make a decent living but am getting bored with it.Also what type of business degree is most applicable to someone interested in import/export? Thanks

They are recognized but not as highly as going to a 4 year univ. Also ONLINE program are very expensive.

Thanks for your response Heman. I spoke to their rep on the phone and it sounded pretty good till he quoted me the prices,after I hung up I looked at a brochure for my local community college that I recieved in the mail recently and their prices were only about 25% of the online university on a per credit basis. I guess its a question of convenience over cost.

check out - great stuff!

Keep us uptodate!

supernaut - why did you decide on online study? can you not fit
some time in for part time study?

gakami-I havent made a decision yet but the online studies were attractive because of my erratic schedule.Happy Holidays down under.

Supernaut...I was in your position a year ago. Should I work full time and go to skool part time or do the other. The decision will be based on u need a college degree? If YES...then u're going to have to sacrifice. If u got MAD bills like me...then get a job that allows u to study...I work as a security guard at an office building late at nites and do nothing but the web( like what I'm doing now )...and watch TV. $11 an hour. Consider taking out loans to help pay the cost of your lifestyle. I think COLLEGE is a great investment. COMMUNITY COLLEGE for 2 years...and I'm starting to see numerous ONLINE type programs...then another 2 years at a university then u're good to go! No more worries...except finding a JOB. GOOD LUCK.

Thanks Heman and Happy Holidays