Only 1 fight booked in BW top 15

Pretty ridiculous, that there is only 1 fight currently booked in the Bantamweight top 15 at this time.

Umar Vs Cory

What are Sean Shelby And Mick Maynard doing, twiddling their thumbs and playing with each others butt?

Pull Ur fucking fingers out and start booking fights/Do Ur job !!!

Compare this to the MW division ,
Look at all the fights booked here

In the utterly exiting women’s BW , there is 1 fight booked in the top 16

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But most of the BW have just fought recently. WW is worse because a lot of them haven’t fought and still aren’t booked.

Yeah I did the thread on WW also.

I wish fighters would average 2.5 fights a year.

What we are left with is the average fighter fighting 0.85 times a year

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I agree. I wish “stay busy” fights were more of a thing in MMA. But only used when needed.

Like Shavkat right now. He’s probably going to be out for at least a year just because there’s no one that it makes sense to fight.

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Trying to keep that belt on Omally as long as possible.

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How the fuck does someone have 2 and a half fights you donkey

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I think Ur right.

It’s an average…
So in a 'calender" year they may have 2 fights but one also booked in the pipeline for the 14 month

U get me fam?
U get me bluuuud


What is jack Merridew doing in that gif

Not winning a rap battle is my guess

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