Only 5 UFCs in 2004???

There was one in January, one coming in April, then June. is reporting that it is "highly unlikely" that UFC 49 will take place in August (considering Zuffa's aversion to doing shows in August), and will probably take place in September.

That leaves time for one more show in November. WTF?!!!

I knew this would happen! Zuffa is going in the exact OPPOSITE direction that the fans have been asking for them to go! We're getting LESS fights per show, and LESS shows per year!

This sucks!!!!

Did BIG D put you on the list for UFC 47?

I think bobsappfan should be interviewed with the rest of the celebrities at UFC 47 :)

Lol! That guy's voice was fucked up.

UFC is in a rut lately

I think the guy from Controlled F.O.R.C.E. should try out for American Idol :)

Did they look like a couple of guys out of the Soprano's or what?

5 shows isnt too bad. there was a time when there were only 4 put on. if there are "only" 5 shows then those shows will be better individually. from what i could remember the "9 in 99" protion SEG did didnt make for too many hot shows. theres a billion other promotions to check out so chill

so thats only 25 fights for the whole year.

that will be shown on pay per view.

its a good thing that there are super brawl and rumble on the rock in between or I would have a boring life.

i have heard that the nov show is a pride champs v.s
ufc champs.

I think this sucks too. There really should be 6 shows a year.

they should mention bobsappfan on the next celeb list!

"There really should be 6 shows a year."

I was hoping they would start adding more shows soon.

6 is the bare minimum.

5 shows a year with only 5 fights per show.

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