Only criticism I have of shogun...

is why didnt he start throwing the high kick in the 4th or at least the 5th when it was pretty clear he'd won most rounds. He set up the high kick for 3-4 rounds and Machida was ready for the high kick  to put him away.

Either way Shogun won the fight decisively.

nobones - I have no idea how the hell fight metric scored 17 punches landed for Shogun. He didn't even throw more than 10 solid punches and landed about half. He did land a few good ones though.

I think it was the exchanges, he got the best out of almost all of them and landed some really nice shots.

One thing I was really impressed with was Shogun's defence - he kept his composure in the exchanges, blocking most of the punches.

I agree d3structo, shogun ground machida down so effectivly, he should have switched and really tried to end him in the end of the 4th and 5th

nobones - I completely disagree I thought he lost almost all the exchanges with punches. Most of the exchanges though Shogun threw no punches his strategy, again, was to just keep his hands up and kick low.

Yeah, he did cover up at the start of the exchanges but almost everytime got the better of the exchage at the end. The way I saw the them - Machida comes in punching/kneeing, Shogun covers (almost like Rampage), launches a leg kick/hook (almost like Rampage again), lands most of the leg kicks and some really nice power hooks.

He wasn't going to get screwed regardless.

I've never seen such dominance .. heck the judges would have awarded Machida the win even if Shogun would have KO'd him .. believe it.