only mavs can stop the spurs

you heard me, the only team in the nba that could beat the spurs in a 7 game series is the dallas mavericks, the speed and shooting ability of the mavs would be just too much

as for other matchups, i'm starting to think the only team that could stop the lakers is the spurs

Your second paragraph is correct, but it indirectly contradicts your first paragraph. The Mavs can stop the Spurs? The Mavs can't stop anyone! Their defense is a sieve. You have no answer for frontcourt players like Shaq, Garnett or Duncan. Or even perimeter players like Kobe. The Rockets and Spurs are superior defensive teams, and the Lakers and Wolves have shown they can bite down and stop people at times if need be. It's only when the Mavs are matched up against an equally inept defensive squad like the Kings that Dallas can prevail in a series.

lol, put down the base rocks, Pookie.

rod snow is correct.

the mavs could beat the magic in a seven game series

I think the Spurs would sweep the Mavs, simply because the Spurs have a great defense that would throw the mavs offense out of rhythm.And we all know about the Mavs non-exisent defense..

seriously the only team i'm really worried about facing in the playoffs is the lakers

spurs and wolves would be tough but are beatable

"seriously the only team i'm really worried about facing in the playoffs is the lakers"

lol, more proof that crack doesn't smoke itself. ;)

well nobody's worried about the queens that's for sure

rod, my joke/insult was at least honest. :)

lol wait, so was mine

Rod snow...u ever heard of the phrase that defense wins championships..

lol, he's not tryin to hear that.

right now the mavericks are better than they were last year, we've struggled a lot with chemistry problems and people finding their grooves but we're clicking right now and that will carry into the playoffs

one thing is for sure the playoffs will be unbelievable this year

oh how soon everyone forgets

the mavs almost and could have beaten the spurs last year

lol, ok

"the mavs almost and could have beaten the spurs last year"

If the Mavs could have and almost learned to play D.

fuck d

You should give Nellie credit if you're going to quote him.

brian: you take that first round talk and direct it towards floppy! lol