Only OchoCinco could be this stupid.

Strikes a deal in his favor. So he slaps his lawyers ass in celebration. Judge goes ballistic.

Gets 30 days In jail for his effort. Unbelievable. Phone Post 3.0

It was a guy lawyer. Still stupid, but come on. He's a football player.

Uptight judge. He should sue for violation of his right to free speech.

Chad Johnson has always been an idiot. That judge over reacted though. Phone Post 3.0

Overboard on the judges part. Phone Post 3.0

that judge is an ass

He must have planned that rear end zone celebration.

Dumb ass thing to do with an even dumber ass over reaction after. Phone Post 3.0

That judge was looking for a reason. Women in power - they are the worst. They are always looking for ways to assert their power. SHe was power tripping hard.

"So, what you in for?"

"Errrrm, slapping a lawyers ass" Phone Post

Please God tell me there's a video of this. Phone Post 3.0

Freedom of expression? Phone Post 3.0

cunty judge

is that even illegal?

those who laughed are really what pissed off judge cunty

Chad Johnson -- Ripped By Judge for Slapping Lawyer's Ass - Watch More Celebrity Videos or Subscribe

30 fucking days in jail for that? This judge needs a reality check... Phone Post 3.0

WOW! Now that I've seen it, that was a real cunt move by the judge. Total grand standing!

Stupid move on Chad's part.. judge was definately not impress.  Cunt.

Insecure judge feels her authority was undermined by the laughter of the courtroom.

hes a football player, its what they do

cunt judge

he wasnt even laughing, the people working were

It def seems really over the top so I'm sure the judge was a bit of a bitch.  But at the same time I had to go to court for a misdemeanor once and the judge in that court room was a real prick.  So I showed up everytime when I was suppose to, wore my suit and tie, and I shut the fuck up when I went in the court room.  Probably not the best idea on his part to joke around in the court room.



Also pics of said lawyers ass?

sadic1 - Insecure judge feels her authority was undermined by the laughter of the courtroom.

This, I don't even like Ochocinco but that judge was being a cunt. The court laughs because he gives a light pat to his lawyers ass (showing approval which is a common gesture in sports). I know it isn't a sports venue but the only folks laughing and smiling are those who work in the court, if anyones making a mockery of the court, its those who were working with the judge.