Only one way Jones vs DC ends...

Doctor stoppage due to eye pokes by Jones.

God I hope not. I really hope it's a great fight no matter who wins.

Me too, but jones will stick his fingers out the entire time to keep DC on the outside using his huge reach advantage - the one big advantage he has. And due to the animosity Jones will gouge out his eyes and act like it was an accident.

If they were smart they'd agree with whoever is reffing this fight that there will be NO WARNING for eye pokes. All eye pokes should be an automatic 1 point deduction. No warnings. Warnings are before the fight starts. Jones's team wouldn't allow that, though.

DC will be ready for this. Phone Post 3.0

i hope so. i just know jones is gonna come out eye-gouging.

No doubt the ref will be looking for this very closely. I'm sure DC and his team will be reminding the ref when they talk in the back beforehand. I dont think Jones will get away with it. I hope it's herb or yves.

Such an original thread, would read again.

Keep reaching guys, none of Jons fights have even come close to being stopped due to eye pokes, but of course this one is the one that its really possible right? Anything to discredit the GOAT Phone Post 3.0

wormiwalkinstik - Shit, It would be so funny DC straight kicked his fucking balls if JJ started that face pawing shit. Phone Post 3.0

I'd prefer if DC spit his mouthpiece out and bit his fingers off, Interview style.

DirtehSneakehs - I'm sure the secret move that Seagal taught will have to do with some form of wrist lock and twist. The thing I like about Aikido is those are are good at it can destroy ligaments and tendons if you don't know how to move with whatever they are doing.
Phone Post 3.0

There will be some bullshit controversy in this fight, eye poke being the most likely IMHO. No way we get a clean fight with a clean win and a clean victor. At best it will be a split decision.