Only robbery was shield vs Akiyama

 lol @ robbery. One of the easiest fights to score all night. Shields landed much more on the feet, was the aggressor and finished the fight with the strongest moments for any fighter of the entire fight.

Mad Dangler -
SlightlyStoopid - 2 throws and stuffing takedowns doesnt win a fight. He had zero offense outside of those throws and Jake was constantly attacking. I am not a Shields fan by any means. I was hoping Akiyama was going to easily outstrike Shields but it didnt happen. Phone Post

I don't remember how many takedowns he had but I doubt it was only two. It's not like shield out classed him in the stand up, that's why he kept going for failed takedowns. Phone Post

Out-classed? No. Shields stand-up is so ugly I dont think he will ever "out-class" someone on the feet. But he absolutely outworked him.

Sexyama didnt do shit. Its like he thinkshis swagger can win him fights. Phone Post