Only up 27% YTD

My uncle finally decides to invest $50k into my stock system so he does the buy for the 5 PEG stocks on 2/1. Had he done so on 1/2/05, he'd be up almost 50%. Instead, he is only up less than $14,000. Man, you just can't help some people. Hopefully, we'll do some selling soon, take some profits, then the next round of stocks bought will show some real improvement by year end.

With the overall market up only 2%, this year is pretty much a waste so far.

I already did. It's still on this board yo (look down a bit :)

Stronghold- I read your other post, I just have a dumb question:

Where can I find the PEG 5? I assume it is updated on a regular basis?


I am a member of the Motley Fool ( and mtueb posts all the top picks every week on the Mechanical Trading Discussion board. There are other places to get it, but no webmaster can publish the current data without ValueLine busting them. Or, you can subscribe to ValueLine, which is not free.