"Onlyfans is banning sexually explicit content"

I almost just fell out of my chair laughing. Apparently this is a real thing.

Haha I heard this last night! Fucking amazing.

I am no longer a “fan”.

If I understand correctly they are creating a second platform. There will still be explicit content on one of them.


This changes the business plan of many women.

I wonder why OF is doing this?

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So one part of it will be like Instagram and the other PornHub?

LOL yeah I think more like Twitch and PornHub is what they are going for but same concept.

Stupid move. Ask “tumblr” (sp?) how that worked out.

Also, legit lol at the whores making a living off the dupes and dregs who pay them money for pictures of their buttholes. Get a real job, skank.

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Only Fans announced that they were using a troll PR campaign for free publicity and are not in fact banning sexually explicit content - the only relevant content on their website.

Lol or they realized how fucking retarded of a move that is

Ya I’m probably giving them too much credit. They are basically server room pimps.

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