ONT, done!

Just got back from taking the ONT test. Wow, I'm coming away with some respect for the CCNP. First I took the composite (BSCI and BCMSN) and was a bit surprised at the difficulty. The ONT didn't ease up.

Tons of voice questions. You gotta know signalling, basic design, trust boundries, analog to digital, FXS/FXO, bandwidth calculation, codecs and some odds and ends. Whew.

There is a good chunk of wireless. WLC, WCS, WLSE, 802.everything.

The rest of the test is basically all QoS. You gotta know diffserv/intserv, DSCP, RSVP, RED, WRED, LLQ, WFQ, CBWFQ, header compression, autoqos, etc... And I know configuration of LLQ and CBWFQ using MQC in my sleep, but some of the questions were pretty theoretical. Gotta know the details of all the marking techniques.

Anyway, glad to be done with that one. All I have left for the CCNP is ISCW, or the security test. That is my domain, ownership will occur. Thats why I saved it for last.

This has taken me a bit longer than I thought. No rest for the weary, after I pass this its right back into CCIE security lab study. :/

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nice bro! so do you feel at this point it is necessary to be CCNP level first to take CCIE security lab?

No, I just had a pay raise tied to the NP. I got promoted today and got the raise anyway, but I only have ISCW left so I may as well finish what I started.

Based on my experience with the lab you need to know basic routing and switching, but nothing tricky. Anyone taking the lab is not gonna have a problem with that level of routing.

I will say that the LLQ and CBWFQ that is taught in ONT might come in handy. You could learn it in the CCSP as well, but its more detailed in the NP.