Ontario Strikers in March

Looking for some striking experience???

Drop me an e-mail teamtompkins@hotmail.com

Hey Shawn, I would love to have a kickboxing match right after I smash "The Cannon".Drop me an e-mail!

Give me that punk Tompkins...

I'll wipe the peroxide right off his head...




Does that mean your staying at my house???
That could be dangerous, when are you dropping the bomb on the Cannon?? I'd love to have you up.

Drop me an e-mail.

JHR tell our friend Freddie will you??I'd love to have him bring some fighters.

As for your challenge, I am sure Dougie has a bone or two to pick with you first before you start calling out my golden locks.....

When you getting into Montreal???

I told Fred about it last week and gave him your email.

I think he's got a guy for your show.

As for Dougie, his "chi" damn near knocked me out last time we met..

Montreal :) We'll be getting there Friday afternoon :) Fred's coming, My wife, my brother and his buddy and my best buddy and his girlfriend...

Full house !

WOW can I jump on the JHR wagon as well.

My girlfriend is coming as well lets all do supper with the Machine and Pecker Friday night.

There will be NO Supersex for me this time either. First time ever....

Oh ya, I will stay at your house!I will be droping the big bombs on the Cannon on March 6th!I will be posting the complete card for March 6th today.

you have mail!

We'll both drink our sorrows away.. :)

Sounds good about Dinner on Friday night. I'll bring my Pecker also.

My Pecker weighs 170lbs........

I told my wife about dinner, and that I was bringing my pecker along with you bringing yours.

She said she was hoping for a four course meal and not just appetizers...

*Calls divorce lawyer*



Good Lord JHR, no more talking about your pecker!!!:)

lol @ Jon...

You know that's ALL I talk about !!



My chi is invincible.

Even more so after I eat onions.

In any case, I will be at the march show too. Gonna try and get some mor friends to come this time as well. The last one was a blast!

whatsup , when is the show buddy , if i am not already fighting ,im in , and i have a 145 lb with 1 muaythai fight , email me back about the email i sent earlier

I've got fights for all of your guys Brian.

Hey Shawn would you take any fighters from the Maritimes?

Would love too.

But can't really afford to fly anybody in yet.

I'll keep you in mind though..



Would you take fighters wearing full goalie equipment ?

If so, I want to fight Devon.


On second thought...

Maybe not...



Your ON.........