Ontario to close non essential aisles in big box stores

It’s supposed to be announced at 2pm today and go into affect Thursday.
Ontario's stay-at-home order to go into effect Thursday: sources - CityNews Toronto


Fuck Ford and these bullshit lock down stay at home orders


Hopefully its the last of these

Good. All Canadians should be forced to stay in the house and give up their guns also. I mean, why waste a good pandemic?


time to bring out the pitch forks !


How much of an arrogant pos do you have to be to think that you can say that something is "non-essential?

time to bring out the pitch forks

Do it! Fight back!

In fact, not even a need for a shred of violence. It’s a simple as living normally, you know, like we did from the first humans to March 2020!!!

Shop, socialize, talk to people… and wear no fucking mask!!!

I suggest Saturday May 1st. Worldwide. Spread the word. And let’s take our power back


he is doing exactly what we did in Quebec and so many other places.

It is so people stay home and stop touching stuff all over the store.

I can’t believe I voted for that fat fuck

Does Ontario know Texas and Florida exist? Do they know in those states they are open and covid numbers are down? What is the disconnect here?


Is that the guy that smokes crack or meth?

I thought that guy died a few years ago, unless I’m thinking of another fat crack smoking mayor?

The Crack smoking Ford was his brother.

Basically the Chris Farley of politics.

Yeah they kept weed essential because it is needed when they are coming down from a 3-day crack & meth bender.

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That’s his brother.

How people are still taking this insanity is mind boggling.

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there is no end to the gayness

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Media act like these two states (and Mississippi and anywhere on this Earth open without apocalypse) don’t exist.

I like to point these places have NOT “solved the pandemic”, their numbers are similar to other places. But they are NOT adding on all kinds of so-called “collateral damages” media make sure we don’t discuss. As if having less Covid cases was the end goal WHATEVER THE COSTS… which are never even debated.

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