Ontario to close non essential aisles in big box stores

Hopefully its the last of these

Oh sure. Just one more collective effort and it’s done ha ha. They’ve been saying this shit since April 2020! WTFU

2 more weeks!


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Also CA is fully opening in June…

We havent had vaccines being widely distributed any time before, you conspiratard. The spanish flu had 3 major waves and seems like most pandemics operate in that fashion. Why dont u pick up a book from time to time.

Read an article this morning from a BC paper. About how the new variants are attacking and killing young people. BE SCARED!!! FEAR!!! LOCK YOUR DOOR AND NEVER LEAVE!!! (unless it’s to get your package from Amazon or Walmart)
It’s an obvious scare tactic, how people haven’t figured this out amazes me.
Can’t have the country open up if they can’t credit the vaccines for doing it. Everyone go get inoculated!

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Ha ha. Stay inside with your mask. Don’t forget to jerk off with a condom too.

You think the vaccine will save your ass? Variants, variants, variants. Haven’t you heard? Even vaccinated people are told to still wear mask, social distance and all that LOL

So, genius, what do you make of Texas and Florida not going all out morgue mode? Look at reality instead of guzzling media cum

but that’s what viruses do, they always mutate… I think in the first 6 months in Australia they found over 100 different variants… lol, it’s amazing how “news” reports nowadays.

Exactly dude. It’s as if people forgot that we actually die all the time. Such is life.
Obviously this can be a dangerous sickness that kills people, but im DONE with being okay watching local small business die out for the “greater good”
All the malls/big box stores are thriving! Makes me sick to my stomach.

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Over a year now and still no end in sight

It was a sh*t sammich.

Ford was the least of the evils available.

Can you imagine what would have happened if WYNNE was running the province?

She’d be crying and spending money and having us all locked in our houses.

I swear, this sucks but WYNNE would have been 10X worse.

…and that’s saying something.

It will be the Liberals or NDP next year. That should finish us off.

Yep. Fords own base wont vote for him. Liberals will cruise to victory. Federally, Erin Otoolebag cant win.

Otoole is useless. This should have been the easiest election ever and Trudeau is projected to have a near majority. It’s over. The country is toast.

Not sure what Pierre was thinking dropping out but it would seem wise now as this plandemic would have buried him. Next time or when this shit gets to annual flu shot status, if it ever does.

he is the obvious candidate. He is great.

Do the vaccines protect against the variants or not?

For the first time I can’t see who I should vote for.

It’s the worst choices ever.

Also, f*ck Trudeau.

He must have skeletons. Makes no sense otherwise.

only answer

If we save even one life it’s worth it to destroy everything else. Even if the life saved costs thousands of lives to addiction and mental health.

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