OnTheMat - ADCC European Trials

The road to the ADCC World Championships in Trenton, New Jersey this May is almost complete, with only the European and Japanese Trials remaining. This weekend in Turku, (Finland); , the European Trials, organized by Markko Leisten will see 108 of Europe’s best grapplers vying for the ultimate goal in submission grappling, a place at the World Championships and the chance to compete with the standout players from Brazil and America.

European sub grapplers have generally made a limited impact on the world stage, with the notable exception being the giant Norwegian grappler and MMA fighter Jon-Olav Einemo, who defied the odds in 2003, beating Brandon Vera, Larry Papadopoulos, Roger Gracie and Carcareco to become ADCC Champion. In 2005, courtesy of some horrible brackets, only Jon-Olav and Rob Sulski managed to even get past the first round, Rob beating the BTT Black Belt Bento Ribiero and then succumbing to Jacare in the second round and Jon-Olav beating American stand-out Rick Macauley and then Vitor Vianna before losing to Carcareco and then Xande Ribiero to finish fourth.   Read more here