Ooga Booga... such a fun game

They don't make online games like they used to =)

This is such a fun game. I only wish that I could have played it online. I literally got it a few days after the servers were taken down in the middle of 2003.


I have a thread up about an Xbox Live trial I have and it has really got me thinking... the Dreamcast had some awesome online games. I just wish I had played games online when the Dreamcast was still active.

At the time I bought the Dreamcast I only had broadband and I don't think the DC adapter was out yet and many of the games didn't support it anyways once it was released. Last year I found out I could have setup up a Linux computer in such a way to hook the DC modem into for a connection through broadband. I was futzin around with Linux at the time. If only I had known... I feel like I really missed out.

OnlineConsoles is a really cool site:


you guys suck...

Anyone else played this... where did all the DC fan boys go?

I heard alot of good things about it, but I wasn't that impressed with it after I bought it.

Did you ever get to play online?

The most multiplayer I've played was with 3 kids from 6-13 years old. It was a blast, and the hours we played were well worth the $15 or so it cost. Its one thing to play a game with kids to keep them occupied but to actually have fun competing is great (i swear that the 6 year old is going to be a pro-gamer)

Like most multiplayer oriented games though it just isn't as good single player.