Oooooooooh Chavoooo........

lol, it's great to see him back, he's gonna wreck Billy. Btw, am I the only one who finds it kind of fucked that Kidman fucking up his move and KOing a fellow wrestler only got him a "dangerous" angle??

Either way, I hope to see more of Chavo whoopin fools up.

That's what you get when you're fucking one of the most popular Divas around, and number one Diva on Smackdown.

Besides, it does give Chavito a good way to run now that he's back.

Didn't they do this with Owen Hart and the piledriver incident on Austin?

Yes. "Owen 3;16 says I just broke your neck" t-shirt.

What makes me mad is they don't hype up cool shit anymore.
For instance,how about "Chavo Guerrero,master of the tornado ddt."
That was cool when people said this stuff back in the day,such as Jerry Lawler,master of the piledriver and so on.

"Crazyfoo, master of baiting!"

Billy Kidman could use his new version of the shooting star press very effectively in PRIDE FC.

Chavo and Nunzio looked pretty sloppy out there tonight. Seemed to sort of get things together towards the end though.

Chavo showed a good amount of ring rust, IMHO. He'll need a good number of house shows and events before Survivor Series and his obvious showdown with Kidman.

Chavito Heat!