OP is a di@k / F@ggot memes hit me!

He it me up with your best disagreement with thread meme's.


op is a faggot

op is a dick

oh reallys 

yadda yadda...

i figure there has to be soooo many out there that there is bound to be some entertainment we we havent seen. 

I'm a bit of a meme junkie they always make me laugh, so even if its just a funny one post away... I'll chuck in a heap to get the ball rolling! :)

Op is hung like a tic tak Phone Post

OP can eat a bag of dicks

^ op tells his / her parents that one :)


( oh by the way you can tell me im doing myself in here i see the ironing board hitting my face :P)


mathew10lb -  Op is hung like a tic tak Phone Post


OMG lol! VTFU! keep that shit comin funny as fuck! :)  i'm a little medicated but its making me laugh my ass og so VFTU all round i say~!


:) lol! keep em coming!

FinestScotch - 

lol! NEver seen dat one~ :)

Ballet Tudo Grand Master - OP can eat a bag of dicks


comon more creative here! :) hit me like  I'm Rhiannas butt and your a black dick :P


Phone Post

<img src="http://www.thewhitecompany.com/supplyimages/statics/errorpage/errormsg.gif"

MoustacheRider69 - 

Phone Post

voted up cause OP got confused =</p>


FinestScotch -

quality work Phone Post 3.0

^ not sure if counts but fuck op!


lol! all my VFTUs are used ill vote more up tomorrow. :)

some nice ones coming in already!~ :)

Its not 2008 anymore~