Open hand slap turned big KO!

Nytron - It's all about hitting that spot on the spot. Hardly matters whether its a open fist, knee, elbow, punch, etc.

With that much force directed right on the jaw, he could have used his dick and it still would have knocked the guy out.
Icky analogy... No mental images of chumlee for me please. Phone Post 3.0

Is that the guy from Pawn Stars? Phone Post 3.0

He's got devastating power without even putting his legs into it...

GOAT. Phone Post 3.0


Zeph - Bas would be proud.
This lol

That wasn't a slap at all but a palm strike Pancrase style. Phone Post 3.0

Turtle Lock - Is that the guy from Pawn Stars? Phone Post 3.0


I don't watch that show but i have a buddy that watches it all the time, let me give him a call.


Chumlee his name is Phone Post 3.0

If he'd have turned his knee and hip into it that guy'd still be out. Phone Post 3.0