Open House Sparring @ Extreme

Every Saturday until further notice there will be a free open house sparring. Starting at 2:00 at Extreme Muay Thai in 33 S. Central Avenue, Valley Stream, NY 11580.

Just leave your ego at the door :)

Didn't you guys move to Merrick Road?

The new website looks great. Much better than the old one.



you don't have to leave your ego at the door, but if you don't you may find the rest of you flying out teh same said door :)

I am informed the next Xtreme Muay Thai show is July 24th.

Whats going guys. Yes the next show, I believe is going to be July 24th and we did move. We are now right on Merrick Road. Yeah we just want to grow the school, our fighters and give other guys who don't have a place to sparr a chance to get some good sparring in. And by no means do we have a problem sparring hard if they want, just don't get mad and personal about it. All in the name of the art. :)


ttt for extreme