Open invitation to the Qtards of the left.....

Join us in seeking truth and justice......

”if you ignore or do not respond to the evidence presented today... you are a Qtard of the left” - Cerno.

Fair elections should be desired by all political parties. Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and Greens..... join us. Respond to this evidence


“Silence speaks volumns”


Are you referring to the evidence of Rudy using hair die?

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Just kidding. I’m actually wondering if Jettdog / Nytron offed zerself over this, haven’t seen zer around.


I confuse.

Do you like or hate Ron Paul?

FreightTrain - I confuse.

Do you like or hate Ron Paul?

I am a Constitution Party guy and pro Ron Paul. Paul endorsed the Constitution Party candidate in 2008 and the Constitution Party supported Ross Perot. 

I watched maybe the first minute.

Is it primarily about the vote dumps?

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