Open Mat at Millennia this Sat 5pm

Come on out and join us, all we ask is you leave the politics at the door. Gi no gi whatever, please come out from 5 to 6:30 or whenever everyone wants to leave. It is also the monthly art walk down town here, so if you want to get some culture, go to one of the many receptions at the ten art galleries down here.
that does mean free wine and cheese :)

the rev






stevekt, u going?

Yeah, I'll be there.

I'll be there too, with my vale tudo gloves :)

I think Jason Brudvick will be there too, you should all experience the humility he dishes out.

the rev

I'll be there taking pictures for the website, and getting tapped left and right.



i heard takada san is showing up to school everyone.

i'll try to make it after muay tai class at 2. is the gym open before 5pm? like 4 if show up a little early or am i gonna be waiting out on the curb till 5, lol?

please Email Directions to

I've been trying to get out there all week

J MayheM!

globalmma, where do you train muay thai?

ttt for Millenia

i heard takada san is showing up to school everyone.You'd better be careful. You were kind of rude to him at the Mandalay.

That is great Kid cody will be there and Dad too
How about directions?

Millennia is between the 10 and the 60

you can take the 210, the 5, to them. You can also take the 22, or 91 to the 57 N which will hit the sixty and the ten.

Take Garey north from the 60

or South from the 10

turn west on 2nd st.

181 w. 2nd st Pomona, one block west of Garey, in the Pomona Artist Colony.

the rev

Here is a link to a page with the location information for Millennia. Millennia Location InformationTheComish