Open mats/ training groups in L.A.

Looks like I'm going to have to lay off the training for a while because I can't afford the fees. Times are getting worse and worse on the wallet.

I was wondering how many guys on the ug had access to open gyms these days. If other guys are in my situation, maybe we could start a network of open mats around here.

I remember hearing about one at Rey Diogo's on Sunday, I believe. And I think somebody has one in Pasadena too. Not sure if they still exist though...

 Simi Valley Jiu Jitsu has a with gi open mat Sundays at 1pm

im down...who needs overpriced instructors...just give me an open map and some warm bodies


What the hell... sounds like a good time.

Any near Riverside/San Berdoo and Im in. Times are tight for Ol Shansky as well

tapsnapornap - rey diogo has a free open mat? can someone confirm this?

"rey diogo has a free open mat? can someone confirm this?"

I may be wrong, but I could have swore such a thing existed a while back...

TTT for Andre :)

thats awesome.someone should list places that has open mats in CALI,in socal and bay area

hopefully guys keep posting here...


I'm down for some open mat training.  I got nothing to add location-wise tho.


Rey's was open a on Sundays a few years ago when I went and Andre kicked my ass (I think Andy Wang was there that day).

I'm not sure if it is still free on Sundays though. Very cool place, I'm just too old and lazy to get back into it.

^^^ That's the best one I've heard of too^^^

I wonder if it's still open...

I'm down too. I live in north hollywood. don't have a place to train though. email me at