Open Source to Expensive for Irish

Irish government claims Open Source too expensive

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By INQUIRER staff: Monday 03 May 2004, 10:05

THE REPUBLIC of Ireland's e-minister has ruled out her government using Open Source products because they are "too expensive".
Mary Hannifin said that although the country's e-government initiatives will use open standards technology, they will avoid shelling out on actual products because they will cost too much in the long run.

Speaking to the Irish Software Association's 16th annual conference, she said that the use of open standard technology was critical, but open standards was not the same as open source.

According to Electric News, Minister Hanafin said open standards enabled Ireland's e-government systems last for several decades.

She said that the open standards approach was essential for the interoperability of applications. However open source products didn't survive the long-term cost analysis, she said. ยต

I'm not into the network side of the IT business, but where would the cost come from?


tech support?


Initial hiring of skilled professionals who are in high demand for open source software.

Support and maybe if other departments use Windoze. If that's the case and you have to translate everything back and forth....