Opening a MMA Clothing Store

Hey there UG!

I am looking to put our collective knowledge together for my own personal gain of course!

I am looking into opening a MMA related store and need some contacts about getting some wholesale prices on our favorite gear. I will be carrying fighter shirts as well as gear, stickers, magazines, videos, etc.

Quik you better contact me, I for sure want to carry tha deuce! We will be located in the Quad Cities afterall so we have to support Iowa! =)

So if you have a line or are looking for distribution Pleae leave your e-mail addy and I will be in touch soon! Thanks in advance for any responses this generates. "Support the sport!"



im thinking of doing the same thing here in DC. I would like more info as well. :)

there is one in Milawakee

You forgot pitbulls.

As much as I like tribal designs, skulls, flames we will be needing more than just that. I would like to carry everything MMA. I really want to put the sport out there to people and expose new fans as well as the diehards.

Rara might have some contacts with all the NAMMAE stuff she does. MMA Male me chicka! Ms. Info (Crook) your contribution is welcomed as well.


What a great idea!! You're going to make a MILLION dollards!!

internet stores are better than brick and mortar stores if you are strapped for cash

White, it was called Onslaught Fight Shop and it opened on Washington and Locust. From what I understand the owner was a reservist nad called into action in Iraq and the shop closed. I did see he had a booth at the Extreme Challenge last Saturday so maybe he is back but no store.

My location will be in Bettendorf. I really think I can make a great shop and sell outstanding products.

Afterall the QC is home to Champions.

Miletich Fighting Systems gear galore!

When the mainstream MMA fad dies down the store will close, so open up quickly.

Footsweep Fightwear could possibly be interested in working with you. I really like the idea and am always looking for more ways to get our product out there. Check out the gear we do have at If this looks likes something that would be a good fit in your store, then Email me-

Greg "Beezer" Miller
Sales Mgr.


The overhead of running a store is going to crush you inside of two years. That is IF you don't shoot yourself first from working 16 hour days seven days a week. It's just too easy to buy over the internet. If you have a family whom you love to spend time with or if you enjoy training in your free time or if you just like to lay around, don't make this terrible mistake! That said, best of luck with your endeavor...and can I get some free stuff?

do people in iowa even have a lot of disposable income to spend on mma stuff?
you should get some notable fighters to go in as partners to create buzz around it

RVCA is not 'MMA' clothing but they do sponsor a lot of MMA fighters (BJ Penn, Vitor Belfort, etc) and have rad clothes.

Thanks again for the info guys!

It will be no problem to support the store. Financials are no issue. I will also be looking into a support website as well in the future.

We have a ton of fighters here locally that will no doubt come around. I have a ton of promotional ideas and discounts for the UG so don't sweat the small stuff for me. I am also looking for contacts for the big guys too like Tapout and Affliction etc. ( I know there will be haters)as well as the small guys with great products.

Here in Iowa the brick and mortar stores are just fine to get started, like White said it's not L.A. or anything.

make sure you stock up on tim sylvia "MAINE-iac" shirts- you'll have a hard time keeping those on the shelf!

Tim's shirts do very well, thank you very much. He is loved around here even if the Underground hates him.