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I work at a preschool and right now we are currently a summer camp. A couple of coworkers and I were talking about opening a daycare because there is a gap between when summer camp ends and when school starts. Do we need any certification? How do we go about finding somewhere to do it? Any tips are great. Thanks. Phone Post 3.0

You need to investigate the criteria within your state.  Most states require a certified Director with the appropriate education and experience. 

It can be a profitable business, but with a lot of headaches.  You will be responsible for people's children.  Parents are lawsuit happy these days.  This is not the business for someone new to owning a business.  


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superlurker2011 - My mom owns a daycare. It is an absolute nightmare. I suggest no one in their right mind open a daycare. You have to have tons of certifications. Fire dept, health inspectors, state inspectors, and the list goes on. You can get hotlined by disgruntled workers, parents, or just about anyone. People refuse to pay all the time, and just move onto another daycare. Not to mention it's extremely dangerous for a male owner to be around little children. Parents can take anything the wrong way, and next thing you know you're being sued or worse.

PS, don't do it

If you only have 5 kids you don't have to deal with all that and you still make more in a year than a teacher Phone Post

Really? Because I don't think we will have a ton of kids there. Phone Post 3.0

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Some states daycares hire a nurse on staff to do routine checks on kids files

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